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Veronica Roth


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2013

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Chapters 36-40

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 36 Summary: “Tris”

It’s snowing when Tris and the group return to the compound. Tris is unsettled when she sees the contrast between the fringe and the compound. She goes to the dorm looking for Christina and Tobias, and Caleb tells her Tobias is in the genealogy room. He also tells her about the Allegiant attack. Tris goes to the genealogy room and finds Tobias looking at his family tree. She suddenly realizes how torn he is by his hatred of his parents and his desire to feel loved by them. Tris tells Tobias that she forgives him, knowing she’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for her.

Chapter 37 Summary: “Tris”

Tris goes to her first council meeting and sees David in the hall. She notices he looks more pale and tired than before and offers to push his wheelchair. They arrive at the meeting room, and Tris sits next to Zoe along the wall. David begins the meeting and explains that the Allegiant have rebelled against Evelyn. However, if they provoke her, she will release the collection of death serum she has hidden. Because the results would be catastrophic, David proposes they reset all four experiment cities, just as they had done in the past when the cities approached collapse.