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Veronica Roth


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2013

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Chapters 26-30

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 26 Summary: “Tris”

Tris moves to the microscope and looks at the serum, questioning why Jeanine would work with the Bureau. She leaves the room and goes back to the rock sculpture. Caleb sees Tris and asks if she’s alright. He tries to comfort her, but Tris loses control and punches him in the face, screaming that Caleb is a traitor and that she will kill him. A guard intervenes, and Tris walks away.

The next day, Tris is in Matthew’s lab. She has decided she won’t help Nita but won’t stop her. Tris tells Matthew she heard something about Jeanine’s simulation in Chicago, and he asks if Tris heard it from Nita. He tells her he helped Nita a few times and asks what Nita’s plan is. Tris tells him Nita’s group is trying to take the memory serum, but she doesn’t know when. Matthew says they want the death serum, not the memory serum, and they plan to use it to assassinate government officials and start a war. He says they must inform David and stop the rebel attack.

Matthew and Tris pass the security checkpoint, and Tris sees the wall next to Uriah explode. They continue forward and run to the Weapons Lab.