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Veronica Roth


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2013

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Chapters 1-5

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 1 Summary: “Tris”

In a cell in Erudite Headquarters, Tris Prior paces the floor while Christina and Cara watch her. Evelyn Johnson, Chicago’s new leader and Tobias’s mother, imprisoned them for broadcasting the Edith Prior video to the city. Tris wants to know more about what the video means. She is anxious about Tobias, as she’s been waiting for him to come to see her. She’s trying to trust him while yearning for freedom and to see what’s beyond the city’s boundary.

Chapter 2 Summary: “Tobias”

Tobias Eaton walks to Tris’s cell, and the guard admits him without question. He sees Tris crouched on the ground, but she rises and hugs him. Tris asks what’s been happening, and Tobias explains that Evelyn has locked the city down. He says Evelyn doesn’t care about helping the people outside the fence because she wants first to help the city’s citizens.

Tobias then warns Tris, Christina, and Cara that Evelyn plans to put them on trial with the help of truth serum, and they will be convicted traitors if found guilty. They are traitors because they helped broadcast the video of Edith Prior in defiance of the city’s leaders. Because Tris is Divergent, Tobias tells Tris to lie through the truth serum.