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Sabaa Tahir

All My Rage

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2022

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Part 4, Chapters 33-40

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 4 Chapter 33 Summary: “Misbah”

This chapter flashes back to when Salahudin and incorporates Ama’s point of view. He was a sweet, happy baby, and Ama was so proud of him, with many dreams for his son. Sal’s life held so much possibility in their eyes.

Part 4, Chapter 34 Summary: “Noor”

Noor pretends to be sick so that Chachu will not be suspicious of her staying home from school, but Chachu, doubting her truthfulness, requires her to work at the liquor shop. While Noor and Chachu are in the shop, Jamie comes in and announces that Noor was suspended, adding, “I hope it doesn’t affect college admissions” (217). Chachu hears Jamie but remains calm for the remainder of the day as customers come and go. Eventually, Chachu drives her home, and as Noor gets in the car, everything inside her screams not to go.

Part 4, Chapter 35 Summary: “Sal”

Sal texts Noor repeatedly and stops by her house the day after the fight with Jamie, but he can’t reach her. He hears from Ashlee’s mom that Ashlee is being discharged from the hospital and should be back at school on Monday. Salahudin immediately empties his stash of drugs into his pockets and tells Art he’ll be leaving the drugs at his house and getting out of dealing.