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Sabaa Tahir

All My Rage

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2022

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Essay Topics


Consider the structure Tahir uses for her novel and its impact on themes such as Generational Healing and Family Ties and The Cost of the American Dream. Include structural elements such as flashbacks and point of view as you form your response.


As Tahir jumps to different characters’ points of view in each chapter, how does she create a unique voice for each character? What are the elements that set Salahudin’s voice, for example, apart from Noor’s voice? How does the plot twist that Salahudin is writing Misbah’s chapters impact your impression of Misbah’s voice in hindsight?


Different characters have different ways of dealing with struggles and emotions. For example, Noor turns to music, Salahudin uses journaling, and Misbah has her faith in God. Do some research on Sabaa Tahir’s life and identify possible personal connections Tahir may have with these interests. Based on your research, are there any other elements from Tahir’s life that you see reflected in some way in the novel?