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Kenneth Oppel


Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2004

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Chapters 4-7

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 4 Summary: “Hot Chocolate for Two”

Miss Simpkins arrives, interrupting Kate and Matt’s conversation. She chides Kate for being alone with Matt, which she finds inappropriate. Kate counters that falling asleep on the job was the truly inappropriate act. Matt leaves the women, suddenly exhausted, and returns to his cabin to sleep.

Matt wakes in time for evening duty, looking around his little cabin, which feels homey. He recalls joining the Aurora three years prior after his father died. His nominal reason for taking the job, despite his mother’s reluctance, was money, but both he and his mother knew that Matt had always longed to fly. He looks out the window, spotting something flying. It quickly disappears, and he considers this a mirage, though it reminds him that he wishes to speak to Kate again.

Matt’s roommate, Baz Hilcock, chats merrily about his plan to propose to his sweetheart, Teresa. Matt confides his disappointment regarding the junior sailmaker position, and Baz commiserates. They joke about the uselessness of a Flight Academy certification, though Matt secretly longs to attend. Baz, only three years older than Matt, teases Matt about his youth and all the time he has remaining to be promoted. The two report for dinner service, Matt’s

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