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Kenneth Oppel


Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2004

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Chapters 14-17

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 14 Summary: “Nest”

Secure in the knowledge that the Aurora is inflating, Matt sleeps soundly for the first time since being grounded. The next morning, Baz bursts in and announces that Kate has disappeared. He tells a shocked Matt that Kate was gone when Miss Simpkins woke. Matt reports to Kate’s room where Walken is likewise relieved to find him present. When Matt admits that he might know where Kate has gone, he and Bruce are dispatched to fetch her. Miss Simpkins protests this is not suitable chaperonage, but Walken puts his foot down.

As he leaves to meet Bruce, Matt realizes Kate still has his compass. Matt, annoyed that Bruce has been made his partner, initially tells Bruce there are tiny, jumping, poisonous snakes; he quickly feels guilty and confesses the snakes are harmless. Bruce takes this in good spirits and confides his envy of Matt’s purposefulness aboard the Aurora. Matt contends that Bruce does not need to find his own trajectory since he is rich. Bruce, however, cites the pressure from his father to take over the family business and apologizes for taking Matt’s place as junior sailmaker. He must endure two years on the ship before his father will let him try a career of his own choosing.