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Megan Wagner Lloyd, Illustr. Michelle Mee Nutter


Fiction | Graphic Novel/Book | Middle Grade | Published in 2021

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Chapters 7-9

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 7 Summary

Maggie does her math homework outside. Her arms itch considerably because of her shots, and she hears Maggie playing with the dog next door. A bunch of kids run by, blowing her homework paper to the fence. As she retrieves it, she looks through a hole in the fence and sees Claire crying. She realizes that she never even considered how Clarie felt about ending their friendship. Maggie goes to Claire’s house, her heart pounding. She explains to Claire why she was upset, and Claire tells her that she thought getting a dog would be okay because Maggie is getting allergy shots. Maggie explains that the shots take a few months to work and that she’ll have to have them for years. Claire realizes that Maggie can’t be in her house anymore except for brief moments.

Claire changes into new clothes that aren’t covered in fur, and the two reunited friends go to Maggie’s house and paint pictures. When Claire learns that Maggie’s allergy tests only tested for responses to certain animals, she recommends a very small furry animal: a mouse. Perhaps Maggie won’t be allergic to that. Maggie convinces her parents to put a lock on her door. Her father tells her that they’ll respect her privacy as long as she acts responsibly.