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Mikki Daughtry, Rachael Lippincott

All This Time

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2020

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Chapters 24-35

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 24 Summary

Marley and Kyle take Georgia on a walk. Kyle spots a silver Toyota driving through the rain, the same kind of car he drove on the night of the accident, which also happened in the rain. Kyle realizes that it’s June 7—a full year since Kimberly’s death. Marley and Kyle rush home: “All these months later and I still don’t like storms” (197). Marley admits that she isn’t sure she deserves to feel happy. Kyle comforts her with words of love, and they fall asleep. Kyle is woken by a roll of thunder. He notices that Marley isn’t in his basement room with him. Georgia paws at the sliding doors, and Kyle goes out into the storm in search of Marley.

Kyle heads back to the house when he sees all the lights go on. He sees a dark silhouette in the doorframe and passes out from pain.

Chapter 25 Summary

Kyle momentarily comes to in the hospital, picturing Kimberly. He realizes he doesn’t know where Marley is.