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Essay Topics


Examine Tacitus’s view of Roman expansion. To what extent does he support it, and what does he find troubling about it? Cite at least three specific examples from the text in your discussion.


Describing Agricola’s education, Tacitus writes that “he came away from philosophy with its hardest lesson learned—a sense of proportion” (56). Consider the significance of Tacitus describing moderation as a learned skill. In what ways does this quality of Agricola’s set him at odds with Domitian?


Prior to facing Roman troops in battle, Britanni leader Calgacus addresses his troops, telling them, “Robbery, butchery, rapine, these the liars call ‘empire’: they create desolation and call it peace” (71). Explore the impact of including Calgacus’s speech on Tacitus’s portrayal of Roman expansion in “Agricola.”