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Elizabeth Gray Vining

Adam of the Road

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 1942

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Chapters 8-11

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 8 Summary: “Red in the Morning”

Adam, Roger, and Nick leave the de Lisle house to travel to London. Roger is upset that they have to walk because he lost Bayard while gambling. Adam also misses Bayard but prefers walking to riding. While on the road, Adam thinks about Hugh. When Adam told him Roger lost his horse to Jankin, Hugh became visibly upset, telling him Jankin knows nothing about horses and will probably ride Bayard to death. Hugh knows that the loss of the horse wasn’t Adam’s fault, but Adam feels something in their friendship shift.

Adam and Roger arrive in London, and Adam is shocked by its strong smell. He soon gets used to it, however, and he and Roger retreat into a church so Adam can translate a letter Sir Edmund gave to his father. Translating from Latin, Adam tells Roger that the letter highly recommends Roger as a superb minstrel and encourages others to employ him.

Roger and Adam eat dinner at a cookshop on the River Thames. Nick gets loose from his leash and runs to the door, where Jankin is walking in. He joins Roger and Adam for their meal and attempts to win Nick from Roger through another gambling game.